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Have you ever had a nickname? I’ve been given many. Some of them are great, some of them are goofy, but they’re each treasured because of the people behind them. All of them have one thing in common; they speak to whom that person says I am. They tell me what that person thinks about me. My mom has called me “Louie-Love” my entire life. (One day I’ll explain the “Louie” part of that!) For as long as I can remember, and to this very day, every time I walk into the house, or sometimes just into her bedroom, I hear “Louie-Love!” It has always told me what she thinks about when she sees me. She doesn’t see where I’ve fallen short that day, or what I haven’t gotten done, or even my victories; she just sees love. That is her name for me, because that is what she sees when she looks at me. Years of that name being spoken over me have allowed me to not only believe that love is how she sees me, they have allowed me to actually relate to it myself.

Names are vital. They are important. They are essential to creation. Jesus did not make a round moving sphere and call it a day. He made earth. He made the heavens. He made light. He made animals, and trees, and water. He made man. He made man in His image. He gave them names. Adam. Eve. And then one day, thousands of years later, though to Him just a breath between, he made you. You have been given a name. And you have been given heavenly nicknames. They call you into who you were created to be: “Beloved”. “Accepted”. “Redeemed”. And of course, the very first nickname He ever gave you, the one He spoke when He first created you, and the one He thinks about whenever He sees you- “good”. These are the “nicknames” of our Father in heaven. So that not only can we receive that all of these things are what He sees when he looks at us, but we can actually relate to them ourselves. We can believe. And we can be transformed.

The name of this album that Daniel and I have completed was not chosen arbitrarily. It was not decided on a whim, and it wasn’t picked because it sounds good. “All I Need” encompasses everything that we believe this gospel preaches. It’s 3 words. It’s simplicity. It covers everything. Nothing can be left out when it is “all” taken care of. Self-seeking is not an issue when “I” have already been made whole. Nothing can raise itself above the name of God when every “need” is met by our Creator. Although this chapter in our musical journey is exciting, the name of this project is really just a nickname He’s spoken over us. He’s given us the image of Himself, and through years of speaking to us, we can believe and trust that He truly is all we need.