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My whole life has been enveloped in worship. From very young ages, Daniel and I were both placed on a stage with microphones in our hands. At ages 3 and 6, there wasn’t much more for adults to do in response to us than ooh and ahh at the cuteness and be slightly impressed with the pitch accuracy coming from humans of that age and stature. Our mother was and is an incredible example of a true worshipper, and has lead those around her in worship for as long as I can remember, whether on a stage or in a grocery store. But I remember looking around at those who didn’t have microphones all the time. I remember watching one of the older girls in my congregation that I absolutely adored. She would often stand in the back during worship with her hands held high. I remember seeing her have something that I so desperately wanted even as a child. I didn’t know what it was, but I knew she was connected in a way that didn’t have anything to do with anyone else around her. So I watched. I watched so that I could learn how to do what she was doing. I started standing by her, and she would pull me in close so that I could feel as she breathed in for the big notes and breathed out with her praise. I didn’t know it at the time, but what I was being invited to join in on was called intimacy. And because I was a child wanting to learn how to do life, I followed her example. I lifted my arms high. I sang out loud. I sang words others didn’t even need to understand. I cultivated my own intimacy with the very One who gave me the desire to have it. I watched, and seeing the God who made me in action made me take action. Being a worshipper isn’t just a random calling; it is the result of watching Jesus, and running after Him. Watching Jesus to see how to do life is all I have ever and will ever want. I watch so that I can learn how to do what He is doing. Now Daniel and I are in a season where we feel that The Lord is calling us to take this passion of ours to a deeper place. To reach both people who haven’t been reached, and people who seem to have been reached their whole lives. It seems to be a big undertaking, but really it’s the same as it’s always been. As long as we are seeing who He is, we will do what He is doing. As long as we imitate His heart, we will make it our heart as well. And as long as we keep watching the One who is the One, we will never have to watch anything else.