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Hannah & Daniel will be leading worship for the 2020 Simcha Messianic Retreat in Carlisle, PA with Chosen People Ministries! Click HERE for more details.

Hannah & Daniel Music

“all i need” available now!


Our Story

We spent our entire lives saturated in music. As youngsters, we channeled our love for music and real, raw emotion through Musical Theatre productions, folk music, and of course, 90’s worship bands. You can still hear those influences in our music today. As we grew, our yearning for what is real led us to the Gospel. Through understanding our identity and the finished work of Jesus Christ manifest inside of us, we started seeing our fulfillment in the Gospel and our love of music merge into what has become our first EP, “All I Need.”

All I Need

This name sums up the heart of all that we’ve gained through the years and continuation of being transformed. Our hope is that all would come to know and see that every single attempt to destroy humanity was crushed on the cross through the blood of Yeshua (Jesus). Our hearts are that every person would go running to the One who brings them back to the garden. Our desire is that all would be so convinced of this gospel that they would be able to say with confidence and faith, “He truly is all I need.”

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